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Our Underwriter
Working for You

For your complex cases, our in house underwriter can:


  • Provide useful feedback on otherwise complicated medical risks.

  • Summarize a case to expedite the preliminary quote process Present a clear explanation of the underwriting problem and offer solutions for your case.

  • Navigate the case to the appropriate carrier.

  • Help you manage your client’s expectations.


Access to Experience

With over 15 years of industry experience from the insurance company as well as the producer perspective, our in house underwriter can navigate the underwriting process to generate the best possible results for your difficult cases. Her involvement in a case can mean the difference between getting your client insured or losing the sale.

Comprehensive, Proactive Underwriting Support

At Champions Insurance, we understand the pivotal role of underwriting. Our strong carrier relationships and IDA dedicated underwriters enable us to effectively advocate for your cases. We devote tremendous resources to creating a comprehensive, proactive support process. Our team manages your cases every step of the way and provides full service support.

Order the Medical Exam

Order and compile APS reports to expedite preliminary quotes and case 

Proactively follow up with the carrier and do whatever is needed to keep  your case moving

Provide real-time case status updates with weekly case summaries

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